Idea kretif

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  1. cantek dak kreatif..!!

  2. dyaliela12

    comel sgt …..

  3. idea yang menarik… think out of box….

  4. sangat sangat menarik dan kretip.. hehhehehhe

  5. pu3

    ur wc..nice2.. ^_~

  6. fieza

    leh pinjam otak dia nie…

  7. kreatif yg amat sehh!

  8. nissa

    sumpah kreatif nye..xcited plak aku tgk nye..lawa kemain..=)

  9. bila seni lukis n seni foto d gambungkn…………….kewl abis…………=)

  10. dyla

    nice pix…

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  12. KOVAL ! why do you only respond to people who threaten to unsubscribe… what about me….Id like a shout out too ….I watched all your videos….TWICE…..i loved you when you weren’t? famous…. *sigh*

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